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Katie Volant

Katie Volant

Productivity Coach

Hello! I’m Katie, a 31-year-old Solopreneur, Productivity Coach, YouTuber, and Content Creator from a small town in England.

My goal is to inspire, motivate, and empower overwhelmed, ambitious women, like you, to take the reigns in all aspects of your life. Free from fear, expectations, and judgment. To increase productivity without neglecting your well-being. And to develop resilience to get you through anything!


I always wanted to run my own business. The thought of being my own boss, and creating something of my own fascinated me. Yet, I could never pinpoint exactly what my business may be.

I also dreamt of becoming a content creator since wayyy back in 2007. I was heavily into watching make-up and hair tutorials on YouTube and wanted to do the same myself. But back then I was incredibly shy and cared too much about what people would think. So the dream didn't come to reality.

Fast forward to 2015 with a degree in Aeronautical Engineering under my belt the idea of being a content creator was still at the front of my mind, but this time I thought, 'maybe I could be a blogger instead'. But once again I chickened out, I'd convince myself of all the reasons why it wasn't a sensible idea, plus I just 'didn't have the time'.

In the following years my depression, (which had been a part of me since the age of 10) became darker and stronger and I also began having extreme panic attacks. And instead of pursuing a career in Engineering (because I knew deep down I had no passion for it), I became a bar manager instead.

Being a bar manager meant working up to 50+ hours a week, and it lead me to rock bottom.


Throughout my life this far I’d mastered hiding my depression, but I couldn’t pretend anymore and I cracked. 

I was now in my late twenties, in a job that made me miserable, I had had a string of unsuccessful, unhealthy relationships, everyone my age seemed to have their lives together, buying houses, having kids, high flying careers. My life looked nothing like I had expected it would at my age and it spiraled into misery. I partied and drank almost every day, I suffered terrible panic attacks, hardly slept, got zero fulfillment out of my work and I no longer wanted to carry on with life! I felt like a complete failure. 


My whole life I'd pushed my intuition aside. I pushed aside my dreams to start a business out of fear of failure. I chose my career based on the career of my then-boyfriend because it fit into his life and I felt lost, I put off starting a YouTube channel and I put off starting a blog all because I feared what people would think of me. 

The years were slipping by and I was worried I was behind in life and the thought of starting ALL over again as I approached the age of 30 terrified me. But what terrified me, EVEN MORE, was the thought of living the rest of my life in absolute misery and pain. 

So January 2019, I sold all my stuff, quit my career, and left for Australia with the knowledge that I was NEVER going back to 'normal life', and with the plan to travel indefinitely. I was going to follow my heart, start a blog, build a business, and live for ME every. single. day.

I bought a campervan (with my new boyfriend) traveled to Australia and started to build my website. I read countless self-development books, took online courses, and consumed as much information as I could. 

Then February 2020 my Dad feel ill and was taken to hospital. We flew back to the UK as soon as we found out, abandoning our campervan, Bruce, with friends. Thankfully my Dad was out of the hospital and on the mend by March but the global pandemic hit meaning we couldn't return to Australia, (and still haven't as yet). 

As with everyone the news hit us hard, my travel dreams were put on hold, with no clue as to when they would resume. However, the lockdown of my country gave me space to go full force on creating the business I'd always wanted. 

And so in April 2020, Katie Volant was born. Quickly I gained a coaching certification, wrote a 154-page eGuide within less than 2 months, and gained over 1000 Instagram followers in under 3 months. 

It has now become my passion and my mission to help other women to develop a mindset for success, balance their life in a way so they smash their goals, without neglecting their wellbeing, (which I believe to be THE most important thing)!


Here you’ll find my tips, experiences, and resources to help you maximise your productivity, develop an unstoppable mindset, and find self-love through putting yourself first! My goal is to inspire, motivate, and empower you to create a life that makes you happy in a way that works for you. 

I believe that true happiness comes from balancing all aspects of your life, mind, body, and soul! 

So do you want a change? Happiness? The life you’ve always dreamed of? To set your own rules, values, and have your own unique mission! Then join my community. 


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I'm so happy you're here, I'm truly thankful!

Sending you lots of love,

Katie. xoxo

Katie Volant

About the Author

Katie Volant is a Productivity Coach who offers coaching to overwhelmed, ambitious women, who want to maximise their time without neglecting their wellbeing.

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